Vertical River

I wrote this piece on a commission from John Parks. The piece is a reflection of the great times that John and I had rafting down the Boise River and is inspired by the great friendship that John and I share. John and I premiered it at Florida State University in the fall of 2003 and we later recorded it for his CD, Dusk: Percussion Music from the Heartland.

The recording below, from John's CD, features John on marimba and me on vibraphone.

The beginning of Vertical River. The spot where we put our raft into the water of the Boise River.

The view of the Boise River from the raft.

Selfie with John Parks at the Vertical River recording session in 2003.

Resize with Brant (1 of 1)
Rehearsing Vertical River with Brant Blackard before our 2014 performance at the Eastman School of Music