Can You See the Stars

Can You See the Stars?

Can You see the Stars
 is one of four lullabies I have written for family and friends. I began writing it just hours after she was born. The music is derived, in part, from the letters of her name, and the lyrics are about the love that surrounds her. They encourage her to dream with great imagination and to follow those dreams without fear. I arranged Anabel's lullaby for Emily Tannert and the Wiley Middle School Percussion Ensemble for their performance at PASIC 2016. I am thankful for the great work Emily does with her students and I'm thankful she gave me the chance to be a small part of their concert.

Anabel, can you see the stars,
dancing in the sky?
Anabel, I can see the stars,
twinkling in your eyes.

Anabel, can you hear their song,
ringing high above?
Anabel, when they see you smile,
the stars shine bright with love.

While you sleep they float above,
sending down sweet dreams.
When you wake they float away.
to rest on warm sunbeams.

Anabel, close your eyes and dream,
then look into the sky.
Magic worlds wait beyond the stars,
don't be afraid to fly.

Anabel, can you see the stars?

– Blake Tyson

Score and parts available Spring 2017.
Background image: Monkey Head Nebula (NGC 2174) as photographed by the Hubble Telescope. Thanks, NASA!