Everything is Broken

Payton Everything is Broken premiere photo (1 of 1)
Everything is Broken was written for Payton MacDonald's Sonic Divide adventure. In the summer of 2016, Payton rode his bike, following the Continental Divide, from the southern border to the northern border of the United States. Along the way, he premiered thirty new pieces. Payton couldn't carry a large amount of percussion equipment on his journey, so Everything is Broken is composed for voice (reciting the poem that begins the piece) and two things that are broken and one thing that isn't broken (or, alternatively, two non-resonant sounds and one resonant sound). Payton premiered the piece at the top of Watershed Divide in Northern Colorado. You can see his photo of the premiere site above.

Payton is at work on a documentary about his journey which will premiere in New York in the spring of 2017. More information is available at the Sonic Divide website. The score of Everything is Broken will be available soon.

Everything is Broken poem copy