Ursa Conculium

Ursa Conculium is a fanfare for trombone and percussion. It was written for my friend Justin Cook to be part of his final doctoral recital at the University of North Texas. Justin and I teach together at the University of Central Arkansas, so I based the theme of the piece on the initials of our school and the name of our school mascot, UCA BEARS. Using the German words for the first and last letters, Italian for the second to last letter, and English for the remaining letters, UCA Bears becomes Ut • C • A • B • E • A • Re • Es or C • C • A • B • E • D • E-flat.

Ursa Conculium is scored for trombone, four concert toms, pedal bass drum, cymbal, and one octave of crotales. Thanks to Justin Cook for his musical collaboration, his assistance in editing the trombone part, and his friendship. – Blake Tyson

CLICK HERE to listen to excerpts from Ursa Conculium. Studio recording coming soon on Justin Cook's new CD, Connections.

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