A Ceiling Full of Stars

When I was young, my dad and I found something incredible at the toy store. We took home a small planetarium made of yellow and black plastic and suddenly I could power an entire universe with just a couple of batteries. Moon landings were a recent memory and the space shuttle was just around the corner. Star Wars was in theaters and shows like Battlestar Gallactica and Space:1999 were on TV. It was impossible to avoid an obsession with outer space. Looking back, it is hard to believe that those shows were so short lived and that I probably saw Star Wars only once. With my planetarium creating a ceiling full of stars above me I was able to live out my own adventures every night, flying my spaceships though the galaxy, exploring new worlds, and getting into some pretty serious battles with stormtroopers and Cylon warriors.

A Ceiling Full of Stars is a journey through space as seen through the eyes of a child. There is a sense of wonder and amazement. There are struggles to break free of unseen forces and there are moments of weightlessness. A sense of speed simmers beneath a slowly moving surface, depicting the awe-inspiring infinity of space.

A Ceiling Full of Stars is dedicated to my parents who fostered my imagination, inspired my curiosity, and made everything possible.

A recording of A Ceiling Full of Stars is available on Firefish: The Music of Blake Tyson